Washed By The Water



I am a bubbly, outgoing, go getter, a people lover, and a girl full of hope for not just myself but for all people! I found and started following Jesus a little over a year ago and my life has completely changed. Finding Jesus has given me confidence in who I am, and a strong solid foundation. Knowing no matter what life has and will throw at me I know I can turn to Jesus with full confidence and put my worries, struggles, and success in his hands. Today I stand with full confidence in my faith and want to share that with all who love me. God has been so faithful to me and I cannot wait to see what my walk with Jesus will look like!

Baptized 08.05.18


img_6132       Accepting Jesus





Washed By The Water










Being Baptized by three amazing women, who have been the worlds greatest mentors during this journey! They have taught me, have guided me, and will continue to walk along side of me!






God has put these amazing women in my life for a reason. I cannot wait to see where my journey following Jesus will take me! I am so excited to grow as a person, and step into the calling God has planned for me!


Support of family!


This might not be an easy journey, but it will end up being the best! I now have a rock solid foundation under me!



Taking A Step Into Faith


A struggle is just a season of life, a season to prepare you and show you that anything you set your mind to is possible. Because you fight though some seasons of life and some seasons you get to enjoy and thank Jesus for such a blessed season.  I have realized that there is a blessing in every season. That blessing is what helps you fight the battle. A season isn’t forever, its just a stepping stone to get to your secure foundation. Overcoming the fear with your hope for the future. Taking a step in faith will bring a whole new light of life to you. It will show you that you are NEVER alone! Because Jesus is standing right next to you holding your hand through all seasons of life. No matter how bad it is, his love NEVER fails. Never stop praying! Praying for his help, his guidance, his grace, and his love. Once you fix your eyes on Jesus you will begin to think how did I ever do life without him.

I look back on all seasons of my life and think wow, I feel like those season of life could have been so much easier if I would have just kept my eyes on Jesus. Though you can’t live a life with a ton of “what ifs” because you would never be able to move forward. But I can’t imagine my life any differently then what it is now. I believe I was suppose to be on this path no matter what. I now have a whole new perspective on life. If anything taking a step into my faith has made my life so much better it has given me confidence, and a strong foundation.

When we focus our eyes on Jesus while giving him our fears, our struggles, our worries it can get frustrating because you don’t have a physical person to look at and we may not get answers right away! But let me tell you GOD IS FAITHFUL, he WILL fulfill his promises!

“Don’t let what your eyes can’t see limit the God of the impossible.”  – Chris Toews

After taking a step forward and having full confidence in my faith I HAVE DECIDED. I have decided to give my life to Jesus. In my next post see the amazing event of my baptism.



With Much Love,

Manda ❤


Season of Friendships


Hello Friends!

Friendships are such a blessing in life, but they can also be a very challenging thing in life as well. In life you end up having three different types of friends, you have friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. I feel like having a best friend that sticks by you through thick and thin is such a great blessing. You may have fights, and falling outs for a short period. But you also get to walk through some amazing times together as well. You get to share your life together. Connecting with someone at a young age at like let’s say 7 and are still friends 15 years later is amazing. (Yes Nicole, I am talking about you!)


In my life I feel like I have a lot of seasonal friends. What exactly does that mean you ask? Well, let me explain. We walk through many seasons in life as time goes on. And when we are in those specific seasons we can tend to connect with people more because they are probably in that season of life as well. But after that season is over you realize maybe you didn’t have as much in common as you thought. That person or even group of people were only put in your life to walk beside you during that season. And that is okay!


Over the last few years I have had to teach myself that it is okay to have seasonal friends. (still working on this) I have had to reevaluate my expectations I suppose you could say about certain people. I have had to cut out the negative thoughts I was telling myself once those seasons were overcome. This has been my biggest challenge yet! Because I would tell myself, oh they don’t like me, I did something to make them mad, maybe I am just not what they expected, or I am not good enough to be part of their forever friends circle. I worry a lot, and I have had to overcome that! I have had to listen, evaluate, and be okay with them only being in my life for a short amount of time. I still struggle with this everyday. But I pray and have hope I will one day overcome this and start being more accepting of it.


You CANNOT be negative when you do have a seasonal friendship ( I know, easier said then done) because if that friendship comes to a silence the main reason might be because you have helped them, you have guided them, and have healed them through that season of life. God puts these people in our life for a reason! It could also be that they have helped heal you in that season but you don’t fully know it yet. Or It may have ended up directing you into the arms of the people who are going to be there to help you through so many more seasons of life!  Also I have to tell myself that I cannot help everyone! All I can do it help guide them but they have to take that guidance and apply it to their situation.


One of my many season I face is deployment seasons. This is a time where I will have so many people to connect with when our loved ones are deployed. But when they come home from deployment we each get silent, but these are the friends that will come back every deployment season I have because that’s what our foundation is set on. We know exactly what each other are going through and we know that we need each other the most during this season because not everyone understands. These maybe a season of friends but they are also lifetime friends as well.


Now I talk about people walking through your rough seasons but there will come times where you find those friendships where they are there to walk some of the happiest times in your life. And they could be around for more than just one season. I have found friends who have walked an amazing season with me and they are still by my side now because that happy season is now building such a bigger and stronger foundation for our friendship! That’s when those seasonal friendships will turn into long term friendships.


I may have a ton of seasonal friends but I have some of the worlds greatest lifetime group of friends too. I may lose sight of them everyone once in awhile when I walk through some seasons, but at the end of the day I know if I need them they will be at my door in seconds!


Do you have a lot of seasonal friends? Do you feel like you have a good community of friends? Always remember, God places people in our lives for a reason! Just keep praying!


Much Love, Manda

Struggles, They Suck…But…



Do you ever think to yourself, why do we have to battle struggles? Why can’t life be simple? Well, my answer is struggles equals HOPE & STRENGTH! When we all start to face a new struggle we always want something good to be at the finish line. We HOPE there is a reasoning behind the struggle. Granted sometimes what you hope for isn’t always whats waiting for you but the hope of what you keep your eye on is what keeps you going. We also tend complain about the situation. But don’t let your mind go negative. That makes the journey harder! Keep your heart on the hope of the situation. That will keep you going in the positive direction!

I look back on all the struggles I have faced, and I realized even when I was younger I had hope through all those struggles. Hope is truly amazing and such a great tool! Now today when I face struggles not only do I have hope but I have an amazing man to be my rock. Or as I call him “My Person”! I feel everyone should have a person. Someone they trust, love, and want to go through life with. It breaks my heart that not everyone has that! So my mission is to be a person for you! I want my journey of life to give you hope that anything is possible to overcome. No matter how big or how small of a struggle or challenge it is!

There is one great thing about struggles, yes I know what you’re thinking. How can there be anything great about hitting a road block in life? These struggles give you so much strength. Strength to give you the hope to overcome anything life throws at you! My hope will always conquer over my struggles and fear!

Here are some of my struggles/challenges I have faced.

1. Being adopted by my step dad

2. Divorce of my parents

3. Trust

4. Anxiety

5.  Money

6. Deployments

7. Saying “NO”

8. Not being able to fix everything

9. Expectations

10. My dad signing his rights away

Have you or are you going through any of these struggles and/or challenges? If you are YOU GOT THIS! If you need someone to walk through the journey with you, I got you! I will take your hand and be YOUR PERSON! You don’t have to go through life alone!

Remember to always have HOPE! ❤

About Me



I’m Amanda! Most people call me Manda. For some reason the “A” at the beginning of my name disappears and becomes silent. I suppose Manda is easier to say than Amanda. Ha!

I am here to prove that you are not alone. So many people face many challenges in life and during those challenges we tend to think we are alone. But guess what? You are NOT alone. There is always going to be someone else out there who is facing the same challenge as you. Always remember, no matter what you are facing there will always be something incredible at the end waiting for you!

When life get hard, always have HOPE!

I may only be in my early twenties but I have overcome many challenges in my life. Some challenges were hard to face and not the easiest to overcome but there were easier challenges as well. I still today face some of those challenges. During these challenges I always have hope. Having hope reminds me something great is waiting for me once I overcome the challenge.

One thing I did was tell myself I need to keep my feelings to myself and be strong for everyone else. I felt I had to be the stone wall of my family and act like I was always okay. As I was making sure everyone else was okay, I felt like I couldn’t have a voice. I felt this way because I didn’t want to upset anyone with my feelings because there was already so much going on. There was always something I wanted to say and there was always information that I wanted to know.

I want to be able to help everyone. Even though that isn’t possible, I want to at least try. Weather I am just listening, giving advice, being a shoulder to cry on, or even just sitting in silence with you. My goal with my blog is to prove that you are not alone, to be a voice for children who are facing challenges so parents can see if from a childs point of view, give advice, to give you hope, to simply be a friend whenever you need someone, and so much more. Everyone should have a person in their life, I would love to be that person for so many who face difficult times. If I could help at least one person during this journey I will over the moon happy!

No one should have to face life alone. We all need someone to rely on, someone who understands and looks at situation from more than just one perspective. Someone who is honest and doesn’t hide the hard truth that needs to be said. Someone who helps keep your hope alive.

Here are a few fun facts about me!

  1. I live in Central Illinois.
  2. My favorite season is fall.
  3. My best friend is the love of my life.
  4. I have two dogs and one cat.
  5. I have the world’s greatest group of friends.
  6. I have an open heart that always welcomes everyone.
  7. My favorite color is purple.
  8. I love photography.
  9. I help run a pizza restaurant in my hometown.
  10. My favorite quote is… ” I will stand my ground where hope can be found ” by Lauren Daigle


Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to walk through a battle that you are facing.

I would love to read more about you as well! Please comment below introducing yourself !