White Space

Lets cut to the chase!

How many times do you tell yourself that you are to busy to clean the house, do homework, have dinner with friends, making time for a date night or even give you some you time? But then you catch yourself binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix for hours! And scrolling through Instagram looking at the same posts over and over again!  ( okay maybe thats just me! ) You get the point!

I catch myself doing that on a weekly bases and then get so mad at myself because I loose hours a day and then literally fall behind on everything else even missing out on the time to take care of me! Because lets be real, binge watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram isn’t really taking care of yourself in my eyes! It’s more mind numbing than anything! Haha!

I can tend to have really bad anxiety, then I get super stressed, and then I end up getting sick, just an all over hot mess express! I don’t know how many times I have done this to myself! When all I need to do is create white space each week for me to just take care of ME!

What is white space? It’s when you block out a few hours, in the morning, an afternoon, or even a whole day to just take care of you! You fill it with what makes you happy, and resets yourself! Self care is so important because before you can take care of anyone else really well, you have to take care of yourself first!

Starting this past week, I have decided to take control and to sit down on Monday mornings to put together a weekly schedule. A few things I write down are my job schedule, what my three main priorities are for that week, what chores need done and on what day, appointments, meetings and WHITE SPACE!  I found that Wednesday afternoons are where I have the most free time consistently, so Wednesday afternoons are my ME DAY!

During my white space I tend to do lots of blogging at a local coffee shop called The Spot Coffee! ( They have the best vanilla bean iced latte ever!!!! ), get my nails done, go get my hair done, get into Gods word even more, read a book, oh and maybe a massage! So many things you can do to take care of yourself!

What will you be doing on your me days?

Now, maybe you are thinking to yourself, I don’t need to schedule white space in my calendar. I can handle everything and still take care of myself and everyone else around me! HA! You are wrong my friend! Or maybe you are that good I don’t know! But when I don’t take time to reset I tend to lose what is right in front of me! When I don’t take the time to stop, I loose focus on my work, my home life, and my to do list more than anything! I just end up feeling super unproductive!

I would say one of my weaknesses is being a workaholic. I am TERRIBLE about balancing my home life, work life, family life, and friend life. I always worry about work even when there isn’t anything to worry about. Or worrying even when the work can wait until tomorrows work day! I loose focus! Taking time to plan out my week has been amazing! I feel so motivated and more focused!

I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world who is so patient, loving, kind, understanding, thoughtful, funny, literally the best person in this world! He is the one who keeps be grounded, and gets me to refocus when I loose focus! Even though I am terrible about balancing my life between home and work, he never makes me feel guilty about it. He simply just says “Don’t worry about it!”

God blessed me with the most amazing guy!


My other rock foundation is Sunday Mornings! Every Sunday morning I go to church! I worship, pray, be with my church family, and just get filled up with Gods word. That’s what makes a great start to my week as well. Hearing a message and taking what I hear and pressing it into my week is amazing! Life changing!

Life gets crazy, but NEVER FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Overwhelmed? Schedule in white space you won’t regret it, I promise!

White Space, Gods Word, & Your Best Friend!


Lots of love,

Manda ❤



3 thoughts on “White Space”

  1. My white space is in the bath tub, lol. That is usually is about 20 minutes or until the water gets cold. I need to make a schedule for me time after your read❤️


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