Reset Cuts Down The Stress

If you know me, you know that I run a million miles a minute. I am always on the go and taking on new projects no matter how much other stuff I have going on in my life.

Yes, I am one of those people who have to always be doing something because I seriously love everything! But I suck at balancing it all out. Between work, my family, club, friends, and house work it is a lot to balance.

I used to complain, stress out, get emotional, ignore things, it would keep me up at night and I would just want to give up, until one night I was laying in bed on Pinterest and came across an article that change my whole view on things.

This article talked about reseting your space at the end of everyday so that way every morning you wake up, you have a fresh start with a clean space. So simple right? My first thought to myself was, “Yeah that seems simple but I doubt it makes that big of a difference!”

When I finished the article I told myself, no matter how tired I am, busy, or unmotivated I am I will reset for a week straight to see if this will make a change in my life. Well guys, I am here to tell you, it WORKED! After the first week things were starting to look up, and I was less stressed!


I only reset a few things a night. I sat down and made a list of the certain areas that gave me the most stress. The space that I would dread to do every day and just wanted to ignore! I also made a list of things that would make my morning more enjoyable. They are the dishes, the bathroom, the living room, programming the coffee pot to start brewing at 5:45am, and leaving an encouraging note on our back door for Dayton  each morning! ( Because I am a cheesy person! )

One thing I have to remind myself when I am reseting our space is that I am just simply reseting it. I am not trying to deep clean each space every night. So if you try to reset your space don’t stress yourself out trying to get it deep cleaned every time. You just want to hit the surface, and then plan a day to take the time to deep clean. I usually do my deep cleaning on Sunday afternoons or on Wednesdays because thats my day off of work!

If you are anything like Dayton and I, we are ALWAYS on the go. So our house becomes a drop off zone, and after so many days it looks like tornado went through our house! This is when we realized we just have to much crap around our house! So with reseting working really well for us we went one step farther, we also started to declutter our house as well. We are now working towards living a simple life style.

I always say I am my mothers child because I LOVE decorations, and furniture! So I used to think the more furniture and surfaces I have the more stuff I can get to decorate it. Thinking about that now makes me smack my hand to my forehead because that just makes my small 800 sq. ft. home seem even smaller! I finally said ” GOODBYE STUFF, HELLO SIMPLE LIVING!” Living with less stuff has also made a huge difference! I mean why didn’t I realize that before? Less stuff equals less mess!  It’s amazing how much my stress level has gone down by just reseting, and decluttering. I love it!


My final piece of advice is get cleaning products that are all natural, and smell good! I finally made the switch to Mrs. Meyers after seeing so many of my friends use it, and it smells so good!


Use your favorite products to wipe down surfaces because it gives you that nice clean smell! Even though you’re not deep cleaning your space every time, using awesome smelling cleaning products to just wipe down your counters and coffee table can make it seem like you just deep cleaned your whole house! The scent of freshness is a sense of relaxation in my opinion! If it smells good it must be clean right? That’s my thinking anyway!

  1. Reset
  2. Declutter
  3. Great Smelling Cleaning Products

These three simple steps makes my days start out on a high note! I wake up and can just start my day, and not have to worry about how I need to get the house all cleaned at some point that day!

I hope my 3 simple tips encouraged you! Sometimes we can stress ourselves out for no reason. We start to over think, and just try to ignore whats in front of us. And the solution can just be so simple that we over look it!

What do you do to reduce your stress level? I would love to hear your tips and tricks as well!

Until next time,

Manda ❤


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