The Adventurous Me!

We all have dreams about the places we want to see in our lifetime. Some places are close and some places could be on the other side of the world. I have always been known as a home body and not really wanting to go any where. I may still say that at times but deep down I keep dreaming that one day I will see all the places on my bucket list.

I think before when I was younger I didn’t feel like I wanted to go see my top fives places because I didn’t have anyone super special to take on the adventures with me! But now here I am 24 years old and have the best travel buddy I could ever have! Now, not only do I get to tell him my dreams of where I want to go, but Dayton also gets to tell me his dreams of where he wants to go!

I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he finally gets to see a place where he has always wanted to go! And I am sure he feels the same way about me!

Today I am sharing with you my top five places I want to go! Maybe we will want to go to the same place! Or maybe you can even share your experience if you have already been to one of my dream places! Lets take an adventure!

#1 – Seattle, Washington

Seattle is my number one place I want to go! If you know me well I am sure you can guess why! But if you don’t know me let me tell you two words that makes me want to visit… GREY’S ANATOMY! Ya Ya Ya! I know, its just a T.V. show but the scenery in the show is just so beautiful! And can we talk about the weather there!!! Talk about perfect!! Yes, I am weird and love rainy gloomy days! Rainy days are my favorite days! I wish everyday off I have was a rainy day. Makes it perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a nice book or even just to watch some Netflix!  From what I hear its perfect tennis shoe, jean, and sweatshirt weather! I tell Dayton all the time that I want to move there. But I haven’t convinced him yet! Maybe one day! Anyone else like rainy days too?

#2 – The Grand Canyon

Yes I know, so original! But I cannot wait to go! I see it in movies and have read so many facts about it, that I want to experience it first hand! This would definitely be a trip to do during the winter because I hate Illinois winters! And it’s soooo warm in Arizona all the time!!!

#3 – A resort in Mexico

Hello Mexico! Who doesn’t want to go to a luxury vacation on the beach? I mean isn’t that everyones dream at one point! Luckily this dream adventure is happening next year some time! And I can’t wait!! My toes will be in the water, my butt will be in the sand, and there will be a drink in my hand! Cheers!

#4 – Niagara Falls ( Canada Side )

Just one word comes to mind when I think of Niagara Falls BEAUTIFUL!

# 5 – Misson Trip

I have always dreamed of wanting to go on a mission trip with a church. I want an experience to be able to help people who are not as blessed as I am. I want to help, and show them that no matter what happens in life, Jesus is with them! And finally the time has come…


There will be a complete blog post about my trip when I get back! So stay tuned!


Dreams can become a reality if you work hard, and pray! God has a path for you and if that dream is meant to be walked then God will get you there.

I have had many adventures already and can’t wait for more in the future!

Until Next Time!!




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