Taking A Step Into Faith


A struggle is just a season of life, a season to prepare you and show you that anything you set your mind to is possible. Because you fight though some seasons of life and some seasons you get to enjoy and thank Jesus for such a blessed season.  I have realized that there is a blessing in every season. That blessing is what helps you fight the battle. A season isn’t forever, its just a stepping stone to get to your secure foundation. Overcoming the fear with your hope for the future. Taking a step in faith will bring a whole new light of life to you. It will show you that you are NEVER alone! Because Jesus is standing right next to you holding your hand through all seasons of life. No matter how bad it is, his love NEVER fails. Never stop praying! Praying for his help, his guidance, his grace, and his love. Once you fix your eyes on Jesus you will begin to think how did I ever do life without him.

I look back on all seasons of my life and think wow, I feel like those season of life could have been so much easier if I would have just kept my eyes on Jesus. Though you can’t live a life with a ton of “what ifs” because you would never be able to move forward. But I can’t imagine my life any differently then what it is now. I believe I was suppose to be on this path no matter what. I now have a whole new perspective on life. If anything taking a step into my faith has made my life so much better it has given me confidence, and a strong foundation.

When we focus our eyes on Jesus while giving him our fears, our struggles, our worries it can get frustrating because you don’t have a physical person to look at and we may not get answers right away! But let me tell you GOD IS FAITHFUL, he WILL fulfill his promises!

“Don’t let what your eyes can’t see limit the God of the impossible.”  – Chris Toews

After taking a step forward and having full confidence in my faith I HAVE DECIDED. I have decided to give my life to Jesus. In my next post see the amazing event of my baptism.



With Much Love,

Manda ❤


2 thoughts on “Taking A Step Into Faith”

  1. So proud of you, Amanda. This is absolutely the best decision you will ever make. Following Jesus isn’t the easiest path but I promise you it’s the best. I’m so proud of you for being bold and public about your faith.


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