Struggles, They Suck…But…



Do you ever think to yourself, why do we have to battle struggles? Why can’t life be simple? Well, my answer is struggles equals HOPE & STRENGTH! When we all start to face a new struggle we always want something good to be at the finish line. We HOPE there is a reasoning behind the struggle. Granted sometimes what you hope for isn’t always whats waiting for you but the hope of what you keep your eye on is what keeps you going. We also tend complain about the situation. But don’t let your mind go negative. That makes the journey harder! Keep your heart on the hope of the situation. That will keep you going in the positive direction!

I look back on all the struggles I have faced, and I realized even when I was younger I had hope through all those struggles. Hope is truly amazing and such a great tool! Now today when I face struggles not only do I have hope but I have an amazing man to be my rock. Or as I call him “My Person”! I feel everyone should have a person. Someone they trust, love, and want to go through life with. It breaks my heart that not everyone has that! So my mission is to be a person for you! I want my journey of life to give you hope that anything is possible to overcome. No matter how big or how small of a struggle or challenge it is!

There is one great thing about struggles, yes I know what you’re thinking. How can there be anything great about hitting a road block in life? These struggles give you so much strength. Strength to give you the hope to overcome anything life throws at you! My hope will always conquer over my struggles and fear!

Here are some of my struggles/challenges I have faced.

1. Being adopted by my step dad

2. Divorce of my parents

3. Trust

4. Anxiety

5.  Money

6. Deployments

7. Saying “NO”

8. Not being able to fix everything

9. Expectations

10. My dad signing his rights away

Have you or are you going through any of these struggles and/or challenges? If you are YOU GOT THIS! If you need someone to walk through the journey with you, I got you! I will take your hand and be YOUR PERSON! You don’t have to go through life alone!

Remember to always have HOPE! ❤

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