About Me



I’m Amanda! Most people call me Manda. For some reason the “A” at the beginning of my name disappears and becomes silent. I suppose Manda is easier to say than Amanda. Ha!

I am here to prove that you are not alone. So many people face many challenges in life and during those challenges we tend to think we are alone. But guess what? You are NOT alone. There is always going to be someone else out there who is facing the same challenge as you. Always remember, no matter what you are facing there will always be something incredible at the end waiting for you!

When life get hard, always have HOPE!

I may only be in my early twenties but I have overcome many challenges in my life. Some challenges were hard to face and not the easiest to overcome but there were easier challenges as well. I still today face some of those challenges. During these challenges I always have hope. Having hope reminds me something great is waiting for me once I overcome the challenge.

One thing I did was tell myself I need to keep my feelings to myself and be strong for everyone else. I felt I had to be the stone wall of my family and act like I was always okay. As I was making sure everyone else was okay, I felt like I couldn’t have a voice. I felt this way because I didn’t want to upset anyone with my feelings because there was already so much going on. There was always something I wanted to say and there was always information that I wanted to know.

I want to be able to help everyone. Even though that isn’t possible, I want to at least try. Weather I am just listening, giving advice, being a shoulder to cry on, or even just sitting in silence with you. My goal with my blog is to prove that you are not alone, to be a voice for children who are facing challenges so parents can see if from a childs point of view, give advice, to give you hope, to simply be a friend whenever you need someone, and so much more. Everyone should have a person in their life, I would love to be that person for so many who face difficult times. If I could help at least one person during this journey I will over the moon happy!

No one should have to face life alone. We all need someone to rely on, someone who understands and looks at situation from more than just one perspective. Someone who is honest and doesn’t hide the hard truth that needs to be said. Someone who helps keep your hope alive.

Here are a few fun facts about me!

  1. I live in Central Illinois.
  2. My favorite season is fall.
  3. My best friend is the love of my life.
  4. I have two dogs and one cat.
  5. I have the world’s greatest group of friends.
  6. I have an open heart that always welcomes everyone.
  7. My favorite color is purple.
  8. I love photography.
  9. I help run a pizza restaurant in my hometown.
  10. My favorite quote is… ” I will stand my ground where hope can be found ” by Lauren Daigle


Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to walk through a battle that you are facing.

I would love to read more about you as well! Please comment below introducing yourself !

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